The History of
The Galbiati Family


         Where it Started
The Galbiati Family in Omegna, Italy

Another photo of Giuseppe Galbiati (my Grandfather)

on the right :
Luigi Galbiati
My Father

- left to right
Sister: Dina
Mother: Teresa
Sister: Maria
Brother: Ersilo
Father: Giuseppe
Brother Francesco
Standing Luigi


          The Dallago Family

               (My mothers family)

Dionizio and Theresa Dallago
with their
five daughters

The oldest is
my mother
Mary (Dallago) Galbiati
at their house on Dante Ave
between Cornucopia Ave and
Union Road.

A modified version of that
house is still standing on Dante Ave


My mother, Mary (Dallago) Galbiati was born in Italy
She traveled to the United States in 1894 with
her mother on a ship.
Her father, Dionizio, had immigrated to the US several years earlier.
(see links on the left for the story of their Journey)

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about my mother's
and Dionizio's
Journey to
the United States

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My father
Luigi Galbiati came
to the United States in 1905
(see links on the left for the story of his journey to the United States

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Information about
Luigi Galbiati's
Journey to the United States

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Luigi Galbiati's education
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      Luigi Galbiati and Mary Dallago
       were married in 1910

My mother and father
where the first people married
in Our Lady of Pompeii

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After the marriage
Two girls and four boys arrived

1) Anna born 1911
2) Dora born 1919
3) Francis born 1922
4) Louis born 1925
5) Arnold born 1927
6) Elmer born 1934

Ann, Dora,
and Fran

Fran, Lou, Arnold
and Elmer with
my father Luigi Galbiati

Left to right

A 1937 Photo
Elmer, Fran, Lou, Arnold

1943 Arnold
Elmer, Louis, and
My father

My father with
two of the
Galbiati boys

There was one more child, a boy named Joseph
Joseph was the first born son, but he died at the age of two

My brother Joseph
died as an infant
born June 17, 1915
Died Oct. 15, 1917

He was run over by a wagon
The wagon was driven by my father
This had a severe impact on the family
It was seldom discussed
The avoid embarrassment, it was
often said that he died of diphtheria

You need realize this was the first boy
My Grandfather had a farm and five girls
My parents had a farm and one girl
This was the first boy in these two families
in two generations

After he was run over, he was quite ill
My sister Ann was at home with him.
My mother was working in the fields.
Ann's instruction were to wave a white handkerchief if
Joseph's health deteriorated.
It did and Ann waved the handkerchief
When my mother and father arrived,
Joseph had passed away!


My father Luigi Galbiati died in 1954
My mother Mary (Dallago) Galbiati died in 1959

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my mother Mary Galbiati and
my father Luigi Galbiati


Click on a link below to read one of the
previously written family histories

folder 11

History written in 1955 by Elmer
History Written in 1974 by Dora
History written in 1992 by Terisita History written in 2001 by Megan

Click links below for other family historical information

Mary Galbiati's (My mother's) Birth Certificate

folder 05

Letter from My Mothers Sister Who was a Nun

folder GA31
1920 Census sheets
folder 08
Dates of Birth and Death
Galbiati and Dallago Families
folder 01

Info re my grandmother Teresa Dallago funeral
folder 06

Drawing done by my Father
Luigi Galbiati when he was in school
folder 04

Galbiati Family Tree
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       The Galbiati farm on Italia Ave

The farm on Italian Ave
This picture taken in 1925
Fran, Dora and Anna
are on the Lawn
in front of the house

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pictures of the
Galbiati farm

The second tractor that
my parent bought was
this Centar tractor

This photo was taken in 1942 or 1943
Kevin's father,George Walsh is on the tractor
My father is holding Mary Ann
I am the boy sitting on the barrel

The back side of this picture
as shown below appears to say July 26

Picture was provided to me by Carol

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Picture taken in 1942

Elmer on the left

A neighbor, Robert Flame, on the right

In a field behind our house
on Italia Ave.


About 1942
Elmer First Communion

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More Pictures of
Elmer at a
Young Age


About 1945,

Elmer and Johnny
Johnny is my sister Anna's adopted son

In front of Grotto
at Our Lady of Pompeii Church


1942 Louis and Arnold


Arnold in front
of house on Italia Ave

reference image 27

1945 Elmer and Arnold



The six Galbiati Siblings

Anna Graf
Dora Walsh
Francis Galbiati
Louis Galbiati
Arnold Galbiati
Elmer Galbiati








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the Galbiati siblings and their families

Anna (Graf)
Dora (Walsh)
Francis Louis
Arnold Elmer

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Pictures of multiple brothers together


Left to Right

Left to right


My Aunts, Rose and Emma
reference image 23


Marge and Fran
Lou and Jane
Who are the others
reference imager 28

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This picture is dated May 1987


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