This is a history written by Elmer in 1955

In Decedmber 1955 I was home from college for Christmas break and
I used the occasion to discuss family history with my mother.
From the discussion with my mother I made some handwritten notes..
Below is both a transcription of those notes and
an image of the original handwritten notes.
My father was dead at this time

Click Here to see the original handwritten notes - Transcribed below

My grandfather on my father's side:

In his early life he lived with three or four older brothers in Bussero, Italy (a town north of Milan) which at that time was a very poor section of Italy. The land was all held by a landlord and the people all worked for this landlord. My grandfather decided to go out on his own. With absolutely nothing, he and his wife set out for Omegna (another town north of Milan( where he had heard there were jobs). In Omegna he obtained a job as caretaker of an estate. His wife worked as a maid.

My grandfather on my mother's side:

My mother's parents lived in Austria near the Italian border in a town named Tuenno in a valley named Vale di Non.(note, Tuenno is in the far north of Italy in an area called in Trentino-Alto Adige). They were living on a farm with their parents. Economic conditions were very bad. A coal mining company located in Scranton Pennsylvania had sent recruiters to this valley to find laborers for the mine. My grandfather signed on. They paid his way to the United States and deducted the fare from his wages. On laborers wage, in two years he saved enough to send for his wife and my mother who at that time was two years old. They traveled by train and boat and met my grandfather in Scranton.

My father Luigi Galbiati

He died in 1954 at age 73.
He grew up as the oldest brother in a family of six.
His early education as at Don Bosco residential school whetr he went wen he was Twelve.
He lived at the school and he studied linotype operations.

At nineteen he graduated from the Don Bosco school and found a job at a newpaper in Milan. He stayed there until he was twenty one. Then he went into the army for three years.

When he was released from the army he could not get his job back.
He was twenty seven and he decided to come to the united States.

Once here the first jot a job he got was in a factory in New York.
He worked there for one year, but life was very difficult and he decided to rturn to Italy.
Before he did, a friend of his , Smaniotto (nephew of Marco and Pero) asked him to come and look at Vineland before he returned to Italy. Smaniotto pointed out to him that if he returned he would be laughed at.

He liked Vineland and he decided to settle here.
His first job was with Cresi (Rose's father). He worked and lived there for one year. Life was made very difficult at this place so he left anf worked and boarded at varous places for a number of years. He rented half of our old homestead. A priest lived in the other half of the hous. (The parish was not built as yet..

My mother was a young girl cleaned house for the priest.
This where my mother and father met. In 1910, my mother was 21 and my father was 30 and they were married.
They married about a year after meeting.

My grandfather put up the mort gage and they bought the frm for $2000.00. They grew stawberried, blacvkberries and sweetpotatoes but farming was tough. They farmed for one year then rented the house for six months (at no rent) and went to Potteville, Pa to work in the coal mines. The obtained the job through my mothers cousin. Work in the mines was hard and dangerous with low pay.

After staying from Noveber to the spring, they returned to Vineland and started farming again..

In 1928, eighteen years after they were married my father retunred to Italy to see his father and mother who were still living. He stayed for t wo months from December to February. His net visit was in 1952 with my brother Louis. This last visit was the realization of a dream tha he had had for a number of yeare beforew. He wanted to visit one time to see his ntive and land and members of his family.

My father's family in order of age (ages as of 1955)

A) My father Luigi Galbiati (age 73 deceased)
B) Ersilo nickname Pine (age 70 deceased)
C) Francesco (age 60 deceased)
D) Massimo (age 65 living)
E) Maria ( age 67 living)
F) Dina (age 60 living)

Discussion of each of the brothers:

Ersilo (nickname Pine He is deceased (as of 1955)
His wife is Ernesta who is living. They have three children, all girls, Teresina, Clelia,and Maria.
Pine was always a flourist. He picked up the trade from his father. He never had much formal schooling . He did go to Don Bosc (the boarding school my father attended) for a couple of years.

Ernesta - Pine's wife - As of 1955 living age 70)
She and her daughter run a small florist shop in Omegna- She occasionally wrote to my mother.

Their three children:

1) Maria = As of 1955 - living, age 41
She is married and has a large family

2) Clara - As of 1955 living, age 42.
She is married to a man (name Andrioli) whose brother works at the Rose Land restaurant in New York.

3) Teresina -As of 1955 living age 43.
She is not married. She works with her mother running a florist shop in Omegna.

Francesco (as of 1955 agge 68 deceased)
1) Francesco engineer - Went to Don Bosco - the school my father attended - worked in Russia for some time
Married to Erminia (as of 1955 living)
Erminia = As of 1955 living
Lives with her daughter - was a school teacher - not now teaching - writes to my mother occasionally - lives in Milan or Torino Has one child-

Ester - (as of 1955 living)
She is married. She teaches college -
she has a son (as of 1965 one year old) lives in Milan or Torino -

Massimo - married to Terisita (as of 1955 living) retired -
worked as a mechanic - made a good living in Omegna.
His wife Terisita was not a home town girl.
They have three children:

1) Carlo (as of 1955 living age 30)
priest - lives in Rome - not healthy -
writes to My mother occasionally.
2) Giuseppe - died suddenly of heart attach in 1953-
looks like me (Elmer).
Was single and living with his father and mother -
he died in a mechanic shop that he razn with his father -
after his death his father sold the shop.
3) Marco ( as of 1955 living age 25 - mechanic

Maria (as of 1955 living age 67) - she was married to a railrodd man. She married when she was aquite old- she now livies in Milan or Torino. She has quite a bit on money. They have a summer home on Lake Maggore. They have no children. The was a child by a previous marriage of her husband. This boy was killed in Woprld War 2.

Dina (as of 1955 living) not married she lives in Omegna.
She is the Aunt that sent many gifts (for example my sweater).
She is a dress maker with her own shop with about ten women working for her.
She lives alone. My father thought very highly of her.

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