Dionizio's travel to the US was paid for by a coal company
in Scanton,PA.

About two years after Dionizio imigrated to the US, he sent for his wife
and child (my mother Mary Dallogo).
My mother was three years old when she came to the US.

They had to walk several miles carrying their suitcases
from the town on Tuenno (where they lived)
in the Vale de Non to the town of Cless

From there they took a local train to the city of Trento
From Trento they took a train to Genoa and then a ship to New York.

Once in New York, they had to take a train to Scranton PA
where Dionizio had a job in a coal mine
(I am sure that they did not travel first class)

About two years after my mother arrived in the US,
Dionizio bought a patch of woodland in Vineland
the entire family moved to Vineland to begin farming.

(my grandfathner's)
certificate of naturalization

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