My father Luigi Galbiati came to the United States
By way of Ellis Island in 1905.
Not very much was ever said about why he came to the United States
However, there was a quiet rumor that he came due a broken romance

In 1959 I took a trip to Omegna Italy and Zia Maria (my fathers sister)
told me that my father (Luigi Galbiati) left Italy after a broken engagement.
Why the engagement was broken is not clear, but Zia Maria knew that the girl
could not have children (for some reason that she did not know) and that may have
been part of the problem.

From New York city he signed on to work for the Creshi farm on Landis Ave.
He was not treated very well and he left there.
A priest who lived on Italia Ave in the old homestead took him in.

At that time Dionizio Dallago (my grandfather) was in the process of building
the church that became Our Lady of Pompie Church.
Luigi (my father) helped with that project and became friends of Dionizio,
and through Dionizio's with Dionizio's eldest daughter Mary (my mother).

I can remember my mother telling me that she had two suitors,
one that came to their house in a horse and buggy and
my father who walked to her house.
Who she choose you know

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