The Galbiati Farm on Italia Ave

My Grandfather Dionizio Dallago loaned my parents
money to buy this farm
My parents were quite proud of the fact
that even through the depression
they never missed a payment on the mortgage

After my father died, my brother Fran
bought the farm from my parents

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The Galbiati farm
on Italian Ave
Picture taken about 1925
Fran Dora and Anna
on the lawn in front of the house

Picture taken about

Picture Taken about 1942

Potato Storage House
in background

Louis on bicycle

Picture taken about

White building
first floor was for engine
driving the water well

Second floor was housing for
migrant workers

Elmer is standing on farm truck

A later picture of the farm

Elmer and his father, about 1945

The building behind Elmer
is something we
regularly used
Do you know what it is?

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